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I Rock

My big happiness for today so far? Solving problems at work.

It feels good to be productive, and it feels really good to know that you did things right and that by taking the extra time to set it up correctly in the first place you'll save yourself and your coworkers a ton of hassle later on.

Mondays are generally horrid, but today hasn't been half bad. And there's only 2 hours left! That's another reason to smile. ^_^


what makes me happy today....

cuddling with my honey late into the morning, and just kissing his cheek and have him loving me

greetings ^_^

hey, i found this community by looking at comments on poetaserpamrlla's journal. i think this is a marvelous idea, though posting EVERY day will be a challenge :)

so let's see.. some of my favorite little things about life...
hot baths,
curling up with a good book,
bright colors,

i recently had this really random urge to make home made bread, which i have never done before, but i am certain that it will be quite marvelous.

Forehead nudges

I've a cat that will tap my leg until I pick her up, then proceed to bury her forehead under my chin, rub her cheeks all over my glasses, and if I tip my head down she's bump foreheads with me again and again. 
Sometimes, I think kitty forehead nudges could save the world.  Or at least all the bad moods. 

he said I had nice boots

So this guy saw me in town and he complimented me on my boots. Thirty minutes later I saw him again and he said "Nice boots...but I told you that already." I kinda blushed and stammered "thanks" where before I had just been too shy to respond. I'm not used to attention. But it was a good feeling. It's nice when someone notices you're there.

Hello hello hello!

No, I am not an eternal optimist. Neither am I one of those people who's permanently perky. I hated those people in high school...I was in the band, not on the cheer squad. ;-P


The point of this community is to encourage ourselves to take the time to acknowledge the little things in life that keep us going when the going gets tough. Cuz oftentimes it's those tiny and seemingly insignificant moments that keep us from going right over the edge!

So take a moment to post an intro entry about yourself and some of your favorite things. Do me a favor and look at the "interests list" on the user info page and come up with at least one more item to add that makes you happy. That list is a little sparse, and I'm not feeling too creative tonight. (I've been doing math homework for the past few hours...can ya blame me?)